Thursday, August 18, 2011

Boot Scooting Boogie

I guess I am taking more time to aclimate to Tulsa than I thought I would. This morning in Water Aeorbics, the music was Brooks and Dunn, and everyone knew the words except me. In Seattle, it would have been the Supremes and I would be the one who could sing the whole song. I was pretty proud of myself for figuring out on my own that you don't keep a spare tube of lipstick in your glove comparment - but this meant that I was the only woman without makeup on in the pool. Some of the ladies even wear chandilier earrings while water exercising. These women have been putting on makeup every day of their lives and they look wonderful. I am in awe. So, I'd better step up my game - buy waterproof makeup, chlorine resistent earrings, and new music. I think I'll wait until after my trip, but I'll be right on it as soon as I get back.

The water aeorbic's group have lots of activies if you still have any energy after 2 hours of bouncing around in the pool. Tomorrow is bowling at 11 am. For this you rent shoes - well, I rent shoes, everyone else has their own. On Monday it's Line Dancing - to Country Music, in your own footwear - preferable Cowboy Boots. I have an abnorally high arch, which means that I might be able to get my foot into a Cowboy Boot, but by the time I do, my foot has swelled just enough that I cannot get my foot out again. At one point, I stuck my foot in the refrigerator to speed up the process of de-swelling so I could get the boots off and return them. Maybe I can get an old pair of Frye Boots like the ones I was wearing in the '70's. Should be close enough.


  1. LOL It's amazing how different things can be in the SAME country! I remember someone from the north telling me what struck her about living in TX is that all the women wear big bows in their hair! Now living back in the south, I notice that women here are obsessed with tanning and big hair. I love some big hair though, but I prefer mine a la Diana Ross in her heyday. Well, maybe your Tulsa group needs a little Seattle influence! Hugs! ~Serene

  2. Hi Beryl,
    What happened to you sitting around eating bon bons and watching AB FAB? You are really getting out and about!! I think it's great all things you have found to entertain yourself.

  3. My vision of you with your foot in the fridge has me chuckling. Actually, a good cowboy boot should feel snug, but not so snug as you describe.

    I'm with you on the Supremes: "Baby Love."