Sunday, August 7, 2011

Grilled Salad

There is a very expensive restaurant in Tulsa called Smoke. They have a back room where you can smoke cigars, which may be the reason for the name. Maybe it's called Smoke because they grill anything you can think of. (Twinkies?) John was there for two business dinners last week and couldn't wait to try and recreate their Grilled Romaine Salad. He split a heart of Romaine, washed it and left it to drain and dry. (The drying thing is easier in Tulsa than a lot of other places, since it's been so hot and dry this Summer.) Then he rubbed good olive oil on it and put it on a medium heat grill - turning it a couple of times - for 4 minutes. Dressed it with Ceasar and some Parmesan cheese. Fabulous and different. But not actually better than a plain cold Caesar, the salad that can't be beat.

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  1. Now see, I think I would like this because I prefer my meals hot. Seriously, that's why I don't like to eat salad for a meal because it's cold! I may have to try this!! ~Serene