Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Stuff

Today was a day to get all the little tasks done. Boiling vinegar in the pots and pans that aren't quite shiny enough, sweep the garage. get out the iron and put it right back away, since there is no way I'm going to iron in this heat - all the same things I've been doing for years. What is new in my regime is sharpening the make-up pencils (freezing them first, of course). Living in Seattle, there were few occasions that demanded eye make-up and so it was time to throw away the pencils before they even needed sharpening. In Tulsa, every day seems to require make-up - in fact it feels funny being the only one without it when I forget where I am.
Tonight was great - we went to The Tulsa Arts Council Mystery Dinner with a couple of friends. It was wonderful. Can't say any more - it's a secret until the end of the run. But, if you are competitive, make sure you get a table near the front. If you just want to have fun, park yourself in the rear and laugh all you want.

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