Monday, August 8, 2011

Confusion Monday!?

I thought it was Visible Monday - went to Not Dead Yet Style. There it appeared to be Inspiration Monday. Which directed me to Two Birds , a cute website with what looked like my daugher's age women - wearing things that did not inspire me. But I figured since I already had the picture of my outfit, and it had been inspired - not by the very trendy young birds, but by Debbi at She Who Accessorizes Well - I might as well put it up. Chico's Jacket over a plain black tank and skirt.


  1. Beryl, these bright colors look lovely on you! Hey, take your inspiration wherever you can get it! Big hug! ~Serene

  2. Don't worry, Beryl. I think it still was a regular "Visible Monday." Patti just chose to participate in Inspiration Monday at the same time, as did some of the others. At least that was my assumption when I put up my post. (So if I was wrong, too, at least you were not alone. We even chose similar colors! And I agree with Serene -- you look very bright and cheery in them).