Friday, August 12, 2011

A Little Test

When I was living in Seattle, my niece told me that I should start blogging. Very logical, since I was the only one of the family who didn't live in California and it would be a way for them to keep track of what I was doing. I'm pretty sure that they have all forgotten my blog (with good reason, it even bores me to read it sometimes, although it is a lot of fun to write), and that's perfectly fine with me. So the test is - I have a chance to go to my non French grandparent's homeland, the Czech Republic, the last week of this month. I'm not going to call any of them until after I get home, but if one of my family either call or write me about this exciting trip this week, they will have a treat brought back for them from Prague. I love them and would be bringing back mementos for all, but they don't make suitcases big enough for my 6 brothers and sisters, their fabulous spouses, and the 30 or so nieces and nephews to all be shopped for.


  1. Actually, i enjoy your blog and your sense of humor. it will be interesting to see how many acknowledge this upcoming trip. Will you blog as you travel/

  2. Hi Terri - I enjoy your blog too. I think you put so much energy in it. I have been in Chicago this week and only figured out how to do this blog thing once, right at the end of the trip. Prague? We'll see.

  3. Well, at least Claire can hopefully (with a plane ticket) enjoy your Czech heritage. Maybe she will inspire your other family members to read your blog.