Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fun Tulsa Stuff

There is a nice show on TV called "Explore Tulsa" that has so much neat stuff to do here. Now I am dying to go to the Eloté Cafe and Topeca Coffee - and I hate coffee! (I know I spent decades in Seattle, but I never became a Coffee Drinker.) And since I'm not a fan of Masked Mexican Wrestling, I'll have to make sure not to go to Eloté Cafe on Thursdays. To round it out, there was also a neat piece on a place I've already seen, the Circle Cinema.
Book Smart Tulsa has wonderful events all year round. I hope I can get to the Central Library tomorrow night at 7, for They Shall Run, Harriet Tubman Poems, by Quraysh Ali Lansana.
Tulsa is an amazing and complex place. Good Times!

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