Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sunday Fun - How Can The Temperature Swing Over 30 Degrees in 3 Hours?

Today was amazing! It was so hot at 10 am, John and I decided to go to a movie. Actually we picked a movie as the most time we could spend in someone else's air conditioning without getting bored. We saw Captain American, another one of the Avenger movies, which are all leading to a movie next summer, which will probably be called - Avengers. It was so much better than Thor, the last Avenger movie we saw. We also enjoyed Thor, just not as much. Of course, we forgot to wait through all the credits for the little bit at the end that would be tying all these movies together, where Samuel Jackson, complete with eye patch, is featured, and maybe that was what was missing from our complete enjoyment of Thor. OK, enough of Thor. No, not really enough until I mention that Natalie Portman was terrible as a love interest/scientist. So unbelievable. If you are unbelievable in a movie based on a comic book, there is not much more to say.
At 3 pm, it was over 110 degrees, but I had a coupon and decided to go to Ulta anyway for waterproof mascara for water aerobics and to get the great free give-away. And to Michael's to see if the new Halloween punches and papers were in yet. And to CVS, where I had a coupon and wanted some more of their Selam Hayak lipstick. Michael's didn't have any new Halloween punches so I left and took their coupon to JoAnn's, since I could use it there, too. But my point, and I do have one, is that when I left Ulta with my bag of wonderful stuff and my face smeared with mineral blushes, which I resisted buying for now, the sky opened up and poured down rain, punctuating it with simultaneous spears of lightning and explosions of thunder. And the temperature was 77 degrees. That's over 30 degrees differences. (Wait, let me check my math: 110-77=33) Right! The drive home north on Hgy 169 was epic. I felt like I was on a ride at Disneyland - flashes of light in front and to the side, baseball sized raindrops hurtling themselves at the windshield, wipers that could not keep up - drama, drama, drama!

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