Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good Night, Irene - I'll See You In My Dreams

I'll bet the newsmen are just waiting for this storm to leave so they can use the "I'll see you in my dreams" line. Which one do you think will use it first? That new cute CBS guy with all the Oklahoma relatives seems far too cool to be that cliche. Katie Couric would have done it, though. Glad she is done with prime time news. How they could think we would take her seriously after that awful "Runaway Bride" interview is beyond my comprehension. I want her back in daytime.


  1. Hee! Very funny. Yes, the use of that particular song is just TOO obvious. Yesterday morning, I awoke to our jazz station playing "Goodnight Irene," followed by (wait for it) "Stormy Weather." The storm was still a good 12-24 hours away from us, so I was not amused!!!

    (As I write this from Central Massachusetts, it is pouring, but we still have power..... for now. I will refrain from singing the song when the storm leaves us).

  2. "Stormy Weather" - good grief!