Saturday, August 20, 2011

In Praise of Non-Organic Brown Rice - New Tulsa Perspective

I like to buy organic foods if possible. In Seattle, I belonged to the Puget Consumer Coop (PCC) for over 30 years. But yesterday, I was shopping in the newest branch of a local chain grocery store (less than a year old) and picked up the organic brown rice. It looked like there was a tiny cotton ball in the corner of the package, so I gave it to a clerk and asked if it might be some kind of bug. Not obvious, but suspicious - so he took the rice to the office to inspect it. No big deal, I just grabbed the next package. I should have paid more attention, since some kind of bug (a moth) flew out from behind the stack, but it wasn't until I noticed that there was rice stuck to the outside of the bag, that I even looked. And yep, that rice was moving around. That was when I dropped the bag on the floor and went to find someone to clean it up. And it wasn't until dinner was ready last night, that I realized I still didn't have the rice and sent John out to a different store with just one instruction - get NON-organic brown rice, please. He never disappoints.


  1. Oh. NO! That would have completely creeped me out! YUCK! I hate bugs! ~Serene

  2. There were so few bugs in Seattle, except for "wood spiders" which are about 1-1/2 inch. Big, but totally harmless. They might have been eating all the other bugs.