Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dinner Out at Smoke On Cherry

Had an amazing dinner tonight. And the best two things about it - someone else cooked it and we were with good friends while eating it. Actually three best things, I need to add Abby, the fabulous Bartender/Waitperson at Smoke On Cherry who suggested the best stuff on the menu to order. Plus, she brought me a taste of the Grits that only came with the Scallops, since I'd never had Grits before. (I had vowed to eat Grits the next time I went out to eat anyplace that had Grits on the menu, but really wanted a steak.) These Grits were wonderful, kind of like Polenta without the pretense, like a Hominey Rissotto. They were loaded with bacon and cheddar cheese. I got the Fried Egg Salad, which had Frissee lettuce, bacon, and a perfectly fried egg. At least it looked perfect when I first saw it - you get to see what it looked like after I had eaten half of it. As usual, I was more interesting in eating than getting a good picture. That screen that the adorable Abby is holding has the dessert menu on it. Pretty good idea.

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  1. Cooking grits is pretty easy. And, you can add all sorts of good stuff to it, but you must eat it FRESH.