Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni For Target on Ebay

I went to the Owasso (a Tulsa suburb) Target yesterday after water aeorbics and tried on some of the Missoni stuff that debuted that morning. I found a nice sweater and scarf that went together and looked good on. The sweater was $50 and the scarf was $25. Seems like a good buy for Missoni, but actually kind of high for Target's version. Some unidentified fibers (never an indication of quality), inexact sizing, and other issues that you needed to see in person to decide if you wanted to spend this kind of money. There were three other sweaters that I tried on and kept in my cart for 20 minutes while deciding if my desire for a Missoni sweater would make wearing the lesser quality Target version with the itchy purple scarf OK. But I decided on just the one, the blue with brown, with the scarf that wasn't itchy. I would have bought the Tote bag, but it was just too cheap looking even for $35. How did they get the pictures to look so good? When I went back to pick up the shelled pistachos I forgot in the morning, someone had just returned this black sweater from another store, so I grabbed it. It was labeled Medium, and was way larger than any medium Target sweater I have ever bought (probably why it got returned).

That was my Target Missoni experience. If you went to the Tulsa Super Target, your experience would have been much different. Because some Ebay seller grabbed up THOUSANDS of dollars of Missoni merchandise before you even got a chance to touch it. And now it's on Ebay for lots more than she paid for it and way more than it is worth. You can't try it on and you can't return it to her. What we should all do is ignore Ebay and when she can't sell all this stuff, she will be returning it to Target where we can buy it for Target's prices. Or not. At least it's not hot.


  1. Thanks for the insightful comment on my Missoni post. I'm glad you were able to get a few items at the smaller Target store, and I hope you're right about people boycotting the ebay items so that they are returned to the store!

  2. I like the pieces you selected. I wandered into a couple of Targets today in the KC area and there are some pieces left, but that wasn't what I was in the store I didn't tempt myself.

  3. Thanks, Vanessa. I always enjoy your outfits and writing when I visit.
    And Terri, I actually went in for shelled pistachos and to just peek at the Missoni Cardigans. Left without the pistachos, so I could afford the scarf, too.
    I have wanted a Missoni cardigan for a long time, but could never find one that I could afford in my size. I was lucky to get to try a lot of the Target stuff on and what I thought I wanted didn't look right and some of it was really itchy. But since I was trying on already, I took a lot of items to the dressing room that I just liked, but didn't love - until I had them on. The Brown/Blue ZigZag pattern was really good on. I didn't like it on the hangar, because the side seams were odd. But on the body, my arms would hide them. And the scarf was a different blend than the other scarves I saw - and not itchy. Yeah!