Saturday, September 17, 2011

Severe Weather Tonight

Have I mentioned how impressed I am with the Weather Reporting here in Oklahoma? Well, I am. They put these maps on the TV and you can watch the storms come your way on the screen. When you look out the window, you see exactly what they say is coming your way. Cool! I just wish I could get a picture of the storm.
John was in Alaska all week - just got home today at 4 - and I actually had a great week anyway. I went bowling and to lunch with the Water Aerobics ladies on Friday. We went to a fancy Tea Room in my favorite small town, Claremore. Now, I am not a food snob - I would love to be able to buy only organically produced food, (except rice, of course) - but if I'm at a party where someone has melted Velveta and put in a can of Rotel (newly discovered Tulsa food item), I will dip tortilla chips with the best of them. That being said, for Heaven's sake, you don't make Chicken Enchiladas with canned Cream of Mushroom Soup and charge $10 for it. So is my complaint that the dish should have tasted better or been less expensive? I'll let you decide. (Here's a hint - Even though I love to cook, I love love love having someone else cook for me.)

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  1. I'm with you....if I'm going to PAY for it, it needs to be FABULOUS! Especially $10 for an entree! ~Serene