Thursday, September 29, 2011

Out Of Town Company

We have out of town company. John and Ron are at a business conference at Post Oak Lodge, a beautiful rustic place to stay. Ron's wife, Karen is staying with me and playing. Today I took her to my water aerobics class, her first such experience. The women in my family are all fans of water exercise and we love a chance to introduce others to it. She had a great time. Not-Lucille was very funny. She teased Karen about her amazing figure (any 20 year old would pay to have it, and some actually have) and told her about all the stuff to eat at the Fair this weekend that would wreck her figure. Pork sandwiches and fried everything was her picks. She won't get to the Fair this weekend, since her 50th High School reunion is on Saturday, and her diet doesn't end until after that. Will Roger's High - how Oklahoma is that? Another one of the women who I don't know the name of, but who has the best daughter in law who sometimes comes with her, had Emerald Green nail polish today. She actually changes her polish color everyday - sometimes matching it to the local sports team - necessitating three different colors. And just in case I haven't been boring enough, I'll add that Carol brought me her DVDs of State Fair and Oklahoma, The Musical for viewing before the Fair experience and that Karen and Carol have talked me into taking the Zumba class tomorrow. I love my life!

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