Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ladies Playing Golf

The LPGA Tournament in Portland. Oregon was always one of my favorite events of the year. It was just 3 hours from Seattle and even though I'm not that into sports, this was always fun. What a pleasant surprise to find out that there is one in Rogers, Arkansas, which is just 2 hours from Tulsa. So here we are, in Rogers, for the weekend.
Across from our hotel is a neat shopping area. I went into a very upscale boutique to browse this afternoon. Imagine my surprise when I was offered a very French looking Macaron. But unfortunately, for me, it was coffee flavored. I have often said that Seattle just wasn't "my place", but my intense dislike of coffee and everything coffee flavored is even more evidence of it. Too bad, but if it had been pistacho, I would have had to buy a scarf or something. Easy to say, when it didn't happen. A few door down from this boutique was a terrific Scrapbook store. Wasn't expecting that. Time to get working on Halloween cards.


  1. I love to stumble across scrapbooking stores. I'll spend as much time in them as I do thrift stores. Have yet to sample a macaroon...don't know if they would tempt me to buy or not.

  2. I really started enjoying thrift stores since I've been in Tulsa. There are some great values to be had. I need to develope a recipe for those French cookies - I think they are made with ground almonds instead of coconut, like the American ones. Now that is a recipe I would post. Or maybe I'll just go looking for a recipe someone else has posted.