Sunday, September 25, 2011

What's a Deal Breaker?

Last night at dinner, the men went to the back to smoke cigars and Pam and I stayed at the table and had dessert - a most excellent bread pudding. Pam is a pretty blonde woman who has no idea how very smart she is. I met her daughter at the airport once, and over Bloody Marys we both agreed this to be one of her quirks, but that it doesn't detract from her total likability (for lack of a better word). Pam was talking about what some women put up with. Her boyfriend loves one of her dogs and doesn't really care for the other one. I mentioned that I hate my husband not wearing a wedding ring. I know that the image of his friend's bloody, destroyed digit (from the wedding ring somehow interacting with a power tool) right before our wedding was quite compelling to him. And he hasn't worn any kind of ring since his friend's accident. But just because lightning can strike is no reason to stay out of the rain. However, our complaints (almost too big a word for a discussion of the quirks common to the adult male) are nothing compared to what other women put up with.
I keep trying to write about the situation that brought us to that topic, but every time I try, I can't get it anonymous enough. So just trust me - there are some bad husbands/boyfriends out there and they can still find unique (but not illegal) ways to treat woman badly.


  1. I know what you mean. My husband often teases me and I am used to that. Our current problem is that we have a 6 year old grandson living with us, who idolizes his grandpa. In the past week, the grandson thinks he can "tease" grandma too, though it is frequently inappropriate. Husband knows he needs to work on this...

  2. That's a tough topic. Especially as, as you say, it's hard to stay anonymous sometimes. But it's clear that we sometimes stay with bad, disrespectful men.

    And then there are the men who help us laugh at and accept all our quirks. Those are the good ones!