Sunday, September 11, 2011

LPGA Auction

They had a neat little auction of Golf memorabilia at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Rogers, Arkansas, where lots of the golfers (and us) were staying for the Tournament. They had pictures of famous golfers with autographs and I'll bet you know where this is going. Yes, the only one with Tiger Woods in it got Zero bids - not a single person wanted anything to do with this picture, even though it also had Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus in it. No one who came to watch female golfers wanted to spend money on something related to Tiger. I was so proud! I often worry about the state of Sisterhood in this country - what with Rachel Uchitel and Monica Lewinsky actually making money after running after men they knew were married, instead of - well you think of something you would rather have had happen to them. Just saying.

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