Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Guess I'm Not Too Old To Sleep In Airport Chairs

I had a great night in the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. I didn't worry about anyone stealing my stuff, since I travel with a light pink child's size backpack, which makes the casual thief think I am a Granny watching it for a child and that there is nothing valuable in it. And there really isn't anything valuable in it, but my trip would be a lot less fun it I lost my toothbrush and reading material, plus the breakable souvenir teabag holders. This time, I had my good camera in it, which meant I couldn't take it out and get any pictures, in order to preserve the illusion of having nothing valuable. With Passport, boarding passes, and credit cards in my money belt, I stretched out under my coat and slept for hours.
This section of the Schiphol Airport is amazing - it is after you go through Passport control, which means you must be leaving the European Union. There are lots of different sections including a Mini Museum with 10 fabulous painting that can take you an hour to study properly; a library with books to borrow in lots of different languages including Korean, English, and Russian; a piano area; stylistic open rooms with TV's; and lots of places to eat and shop. Did you forget to get your Tulip bulbs? And if I wasn't so worried about my camera getting taken, I would have had pictures to post. But luckily the very observant Terri notice this post from Ruby Slipper Journeys.

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  1. I hope one fine day to travel as you are and I shall remember this pink backpack trick. I love the idea of the books to borrow.