Thursday, September 22, 2011

What are Their Names & The Case for Grey Hair

When I walked into Line Dancing Class on Monday, there was a new, very beautiful woman learning the steps. (Which was nice, since I was a little late and it meant that I hadn't missed anything.) She had short, gleaming grey hair. It was perfect. It made her blue eyes seem even more blue. But wait - I knew those eyes. It was Linda from morning water aeorbics class. How on earth could it be the same woman. Just a little blow drying and make-up really made a difference. The next time I saw her, I asked her what the secret to her hair was. She uses shampoo specially created for grey hair, but she credits the new grey hair mousse she just discovered with kicking it up another notch.
What is really different about my water aeorbics class, is how hard it is to remember all the names. Just this morning, one of my favorite people came wearing the halter top leopard print suit (which she matches with a leopard patterned medic alert bracelet) that gives me an opportunity to call her by a name - Wilma Flintstone. No, that's not her actual name, but everyone else just calls her, "not Lucille", since the teacher always used to call her "Lucille" and that is also not her name. (By the way, Lucille also has beautiful grey hair, which she never gets wet somehow, so she looks just the same in the pool or out.) Arggggg!

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