Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bacon And Tulsa

Is Tulsa really the 7th most Artery-Clogging Cities In The U.S? Some health magazine says so - and it thinks that it's mainly because of its low walkability score. Really? Not the Barbecue? Or the Bacon? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Barbecue and Bacon! But yesterday the ladies from water Aerobics went to a Victorian Tea Room in a Mansion in Claremore (my favorite small Oklahoma town), and I ordered a cup of Cream of Broccoli soup. When it came, there was at least 1/2 cup of crumpled bacon on top that hadn't even been mentioned in the menu. It was just taken for granted that it would be a welcome addition - and it was, for me. After all, I did order the Bacon Marmalade Bruschetta at Smoke on Cherry the last time. It's funny that the fact that so many Tulsans smoke wasn't considered the most important factor. While my allergy to cigarette smoke made me a little nervous about this relocation, I must say that Tulsans are the most polite smokers I have ever been around. This is a good place to be!

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