Monday, December 26, 2011

See's Candy For The Well Bred

It appears to be unhealthy for me to live in a state without See's Candy stores. I used to stop in and get a few pieces about once every two months when out shopping. And of course, I told you about John's Marzipan, so that would be two or three more times when See's was actually the intended destination. This Christmas, I have been back four times! I would get home and remember one of my favorites and have to go back and get it. Or I would tell my family about the wonderful seasonal one, like Cranberry Orange, White Mint Truffle, or Mincemeat and they would realize that I had eaten them all, and (except for the Mincemeat, which only I like), I had to return and purchase some more of the seasonal favorites for them. But basically, I have eaten 12 pieces per day for four days, instead of 3 pieces every two months. And this is unhealthy. So it turns out that for health reasons, I will have to retire back to the West Coast, when John quits working.

And speaking of John, that is a picture of his Christmas box of Marzipan. Still untouched on December 26th. What discipline! He is amazing. He is also the reason there are no empty candy cups in the box. According to my well mannered and well bred husband, when removing a piece of candy from the box, the paper is to be taken too. Who knew? (He also had those 5th grade dance lessons where he learned to Cha Cha like a pro! Cool!)


  1. This made me laugh as I tend to treat chocolate in the same way! Gradually, we have learned to keep the chocolates in the workshop...and I only get ONE when I visit DH there. My favorite chocolate is always the caramel...

  2. Have you ever had a Fran's Caramel? They are the best, but maybe they aren't available outside of Seattle.