Monday, December 5, 2011

A Few Wet Friends

Water Aerobics classes at the Y are a great source of amusement on a daily basis. But also a great source of friendships. There are some wonderful people in the pool and it changes on a regular basis. Last week I found myself following a 70 year old into the building. She was wearing her bathing suit with a short jacket and Croc's. In 40 degree weather. But Roma is never boring, (she is scary smart), so I wasn't surprised that much. And she has Red hair! I asked her if her parents knew about the Roma tomato when they named her, and she replied that there might have been a wine named Roma - that was more like her parents.
And then there's Margret - she is such a lady. Which means that she can give you any insult and add, "Bless you heart" to it, and make you feel all warm and fuzzy. (Also very smart.) And beautiful, like a slim, honey blonde Paula Deen.
Norma is mid to late 80's, with Mrs. Claus hair, sparkly, stylish earring, and very fashionable bathing suits. She just got the all clear from her oncologist, so were all very relieved.
The instructors all do a fabulous job of keeping the class going, even with nonstop chatting. Cynthia is a Chiropractor who only practices on a substitute basis to keep her license current. She had the most beautiful eyes. (Did I mention that most of the women in the pool have on full makeup and at least half have their hair done perfectly?) And Audrey finds a new fun game for us every week, that has us out of breath in no time. Cute Maria is from South America and ended up in Tulsa working as an engineer, had kids, and now is the toughest teacher imaginable. But my favorite is Sandra, who I also go bowling and to line dance class with. She has the Country Music tape with Boot Scootin' Boogie. Good times!

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