Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Learning Experience

You know how there are warnings on some cosmetics not to store them at temperatures that are too high or too low? Well, when you've spent your whole life on the West Coast, you have never paid any attention to this. That's why all the body lotion I stocked up on when I found it on sale, is now the consistence of milk. I just stored it in my garage, where it got up to 116 degrees this summer. And down to 18 degrees just this month. Now I know better.


  1. Yeah, but you haven't lived until you try to apply lipstick that's FROZEN because you accidentally left it in the car overnight! Ah yes, weather extremes.... good times. Condolences on your products! That is very sad, indeed.

  2. All I can do is laugh when I think of you holding that solid peg of frozen lipstick and trying to get just a little color out of it before you face the world. I am officially no longer jealous of all the neat places you live so close to. Do you remember the old joke about the Southern man who brought home a Northern woman to meet his sisters and she (the Northerner) asked the sisters where they were from? They answered that they were from some place so cultured that no one would ever end a sentence with a preposition. So the Northerner apologized and rephrased the question as "Where are you from, Witch?" Now I love to construct sentences with prepositions at the end, just to show that I'm not very classy.