Sunday, December 18, 2011

Elote Cafe - But Just For The Food This Time

Finally got to eat at the Elote Cafe, you know, the one that has the Masked Mexican Wrestling. The food was great. Even though it was lunch, I had a dinner item, the Chicken Enchiladas. For a side I had "Elote", which is this incredible roasted corn with a chili mayonnaise type of sauce. They only serve Black Beans, so I got sweet potatoes for my other side dish. (Wish they'd had Pintos- their creamy flavor would have complimented the Enchiladas nicely.) This notion of choosing "sides" is not something I saw very often in Seattle, but I really like it. Everyone else had salads and there wasn't a bit left on any of their plates. Very successful visit. But I am waiting until Catherine is back in town before I go for the Masked Wrestling. I know it will be lots more fun with her infectious laughter. She's the genius photographer behind Aesthetic Alterations, and is in Paris for Christmas. How to top Paris at Christmas? - Why Masked Mexican Wrestling in Tulsa, of course.

If you're not too busy, on the 23rd you can meet LuchaClause. Bet that would be a new experience for anyone.

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