Sunday, December 4, 2011

Credit Or Not?

My idea of a perfect morning involves sleeping a little late, an omlette for breakfast, an hour or so of reading, and then visiting with friends. You will note that exercise of any form is not included. But for the rest of the day to work, I have to include exercise. I am not a fan of pure exercise, but if I didn't go to the Y, I wouldn't have met so many wonderful friends. And it is necessary to work off that omlette's calories. And reading on the treadmill with John is just as easy as reading on the couch and provides some husband/wife bonding time. So, every morning includes exercise. Yesterday morning I really stepped it up on the treadmill - ran very fast for 5 minutes and then slowed it just a bit for 5 minutes until John was done on the eliptical - about an hour. Then we went to the German American Christmas Festival and walked around. By the time 7 pm came around, I was already pretty exhausted, add to that my after dinner tea and Baileys, and I was out like a light. So John got to pick out the Saturday night Christmas movie and tells me he actually watched Hallmark's A Princess For Christmas, described as "A Duke reconnects with his family at Christmas", or something like that. I was already convinced that this movie would be way too sickenly sweet for me. There is no way, with me fast asleep and a sporting event on another channel, that John actually watched this thing. He is insisting on getting credit for it. Guess I'll have to give it to him.


  1. Yes, I think you do have to give him credit for intent. And give yourself credit for serious exercise! You ran for an hour? Or ran/walked for an hour? Either way, that's pretty darn good! I continue the struggle to stay JUST BARELY in running shape -- by doing the absolute minimum to stay there. It's a slippery slope and I am slipping into couch potato-ism.

  2. Oh Anne, I would love to be a Couch Potato! If only I had the time. (You look terrific for someone who just does the minimum, by the bye.) And since you're the Professor, I will yield to your decision on the credit - giving a credit is your business after all.