Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Fun

Oklahoma has more fresh waterfront than any other state, or so I'm told. And all of the lakes are man made. I haven't seen many of these lakes, so when the price of gas went down to $2.94, I filled up and set out. I had to stop at Collingsville's library for their book sale, 'cause even with the Nook, there is still the take-off and landing, when you need something "without an on/off switch" as the flight attendant would say. From there, it is only 20 minutes to Skiatook Lake, but you have to go back about 50 years at least. In fact, the Lake has a kind of prehistoric feel to it. The roads around the lake remind me of rural Southern California in the '50's, with cattle ambling comfortably across.

Talking about lakes reminds me of a story Sue told in the pool at the Y last week. She came home one day and found that her daughter's pet goldfish had committed suicide, by jumping out of his dish - but the thing that made it funny was that the fish had landed on her daughter's Bible and died there.

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