Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How Many Chicken Stories Fit Into A One Hour Exercise Class?

Today in the pool at the Y, Mickey, (you remember her - she's the one who is married to the Russian guy and could be a swim suit model), told the tale of one of her chickens who got sick of the rooster's attentions and ended it all by drowning in the water trough. This story was not a response to Sue's story about pet Goldfish drowning on the Bible. (Is that the correct term - without water, the fish can't breathe, so it would make sense to call it drowning.) I could Google for an answer, but that would only bring up a bunch of people like me who aren't actually expert in the area. As a matter of fact, that is probably how my team in one of the last Pub Quizzes in Southern California, won the tie breaker round. The first question was "Who wrote Gift of the Magi?" Of course the answer is O'Henry, but the other team came up with Ray Bradbury. And they were shocked when the Quiz Master told them they were wrong. Turns out if you thought it was Ray Bradbury and iPhone searched for "Ray Bradbury wrote Gift of the Magi" the first thing that comes up is some blogger who says exactly that. It's still the wrong answer. And hardly in the spirit of fair competition. But my point, and I do have one, is that if you tell one chicken story in Oklahoma, (I was telling the one about how my sweet little pet chickie turned into a nice sized hen/chicken dinner, but because my mother's family is French, I wasn't all that surprised), you will get another one - and another - and another. Good Times!


  1. The dog ate the rooster's favorite, Beryl. Try to keep your chicken stories straight. :)

  2. But there are so many chicken stories. The rooster's favorite was the one that had lots of her feathers rubbed off, right?