Friday, December 30, 2011

Strickland's Ice Cream Pie And Aveda Foot Treatment

Just a few highlights of my Christmas festivites - a pie with Peppermint Bark flavor Strickland's Ice Cream made by my daughter and the Aveda Foot Relief that was a present from Kelsey, Nick's lovely girlfriend. (She is coming to Paris next week - how fabulous!) She is such a nice woman and so beautiful that even in Paris she will stand out.

If you have a Strickland's near you, lucky you! (We don't have one here in Tulsa.) The Peppermint Bark flavor is made with Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark. They don't make any money off this one, but it is only once a year, and with all their flavors, Strickland's does it right, or they don't do it at all.


  1. Hello, Beryl! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was pretty confused by those two pictures at first (did someone give you a pie made of foot cream?), but then I slowed down and read it - what a relief!

    Your mention of Tucumcari made me pull up a map and refresh my memory. H1 had a family owned cabin in Pike National Forest in CO and brothers in Las Cruces and Montrose, so we drove through the TX panhandle and NM quite a lot. H2's parents lived in Bakersfield, so more of the same. NM is certainly an amazing place.

    I've no idea what my blog says about Oklahoma women, though I'm certain my first 35 years shaped my outlook. I'll have to have a think about that. In any case, I hope you'll visit again sometime.

    Best wishes for 2012!

  2. Hi Shelley - I love your pictures and your writing. I don't get much sense of Oklahoma from your blog, except for my admiration of the native intelligence I find here. (In Tulsa, that is.) Love all your Southwest connections. My husband's family is from Seattle, and now that they are all gone, I am relieved that I don't ever have to visit there again - much like you must feel about Bakersfield. The last large California town to have a MacDonald's. But I do love New Mexico.