Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oklahoma Weather Explained By A Native

My new car needed air in the tires. I didn't know it until a message came up in the spot where the speed usually is displayed numerically. There is still that round speed indicator that was good enough for every other car I have ever been in, but, frankly, I am now spoiled. When I am going 70, I like to see the number "70" in 2 inch tall letters. I am going far to fast to try to figure if that needle is closer to the 60 or 80 on the dial. And Oklahomans, even though I think they are quite polite, like to drive fast, so you need to keep up. But back to my point, and I do have one - I needed to get that message off my dashboard, which meant that I had to get the right air pressure in my tires. And John is out of town this week, so that meant I had to figure it out on my own. I found the sweetest little tire place very near to here and was happily surprised to have them, for free, check and fill all my tires, including the spare in the trunk. (OK, I hear you - where else would you have the spare?) The spare was almost flat, by the bye, so it was lucky this young guy, Austin, thought of it. Austin really impressed me with his thoroughness, but also with his sharp reflections on life in Tulsa. I won't bore you with anymore of his observations, (although if you are easily bored - no, let me change that, if you are normal in your boredom tolerance, you would have quit reading after that speedometer thing), but his take on the weather in Oklahoma was nothing short of brilliant! He said that the weather in Oklahoma can be summed up in one word - Bipolar! Wow - at that moment I knew I was in the presence of a Wordsmith worthy of Will Rogers.

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