Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bonne Fête Nationale

Happy Bastille Day, or as they say, Bonne Fête nationale. It is funny that when I did my blog reading for today, some of the American blogs wished me a Happy Bastille Day, but none of the French (mostly sewing) blogs did. I visited them all and even followed links to some I don't usually read - I'm not that interested in what little French kids are having sewn for them. Just saying!


  1. I mused as I read this that I don't think I have a single French blog on my reading list, though I do have a number of Francophile blogs on my list...and I frequently ponder the reason these bloggers love all things French. have you ever visited France? Perhaps once I've been there, I understand the love for the French.

  2. My mother is French and so I was surprised at how much I liked France the first time I visited. I guess if you are already comfortable with the French way of treating people, then you can just enjoy the scenery, food, wine, history, culture, political discussions, Metro, and great train service. Unless there is a holiday (and there are many) when all this stops. And you are right next to Italy if you need a break from the people.
    If you do get to France, one of the best tips I could give you is to shout out a quick and cheery greeting whenever entering a shop.