Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Shoes

Espadrilles seem to be the only fashion shoes I ever wear out. (Athletic shoes only last about 3 month, at best.) So I was excited to see that the Calypso St. Bart Espadrille at Target had gone to 75% off. But all the 9's were gone. And over 50% of the ones left were size 8 1/2. (I know, I thought that most odd, too.) Not usually my size, but at 75% off, I could at least try them on. And they fit! Perfectly! Pretty cute with my new Chanel Peridot toes.


  1. They look darling together!

  2. Thanks! I'll bet Saks management is wondering how that little store sold so much Peridot color polish in one week.

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