Friday, July 15, 2011

Speed Bumps at the Tulsa Airport

There are plenty of speed bumps at the Tulsa Airport - only in Tulsa they are called "SPEED HUMP"s. How odd is that?


  1. Although my oldest daughter lived in Tulsa for two years, I have never visited the airport there...quicker to drive there than to fly. Speed humps, hmmm.

  2. Beryl, How did I not know you had this blog?!?!

    "Speed humps." Dear me. Where have we landed?

  3. Terri, When I read about the balloon festival, I realized how close things are.

    Catherine, I still believe landing on Mars would be a good comparison. I started the blog because my wonderful niece told me that my family needed more updates on what I was doing so far from all of them in California - original blog title "My Niece Told Me To Start Blogging". Now that I know none of them actually read it, I changed the title to something more accurate.