Sunday, July 10, 2011

Will I Ever Understand Oklahoma?

I was jogging on a treadmill next to a woman who was born and raised in Oklahoma. Yep, been an Oklahoman for at least 50 years. (Looked like 70, but she had her pack of cigarettes by her machine, so she could light up the minute she got outside - which would have added the 20 years of age to her face.) Basically, I am having a little trouble relating, but she is friendly and chatty and I'm enjoying the exercise more with company. She finally comes up with what I mistake for common ground - she is sorry that she had to give up her craft room when she and her husband sold their house. Great, someone who likes craft stuff so much that she actually had a whole room to do them in. Sewing? Scrapbooking? Stamping? Jewelry making? No! Taxidermy and Gourds (I assume painting them). Taxidermy? Kind of fits in with all my husband's work friends trying to get him to go shooting with them.

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