Friday, July 22, 2011

Can Anyone In Tulsa Cut Curly Hair?

Every other woman in the Water Aerobics class has short hair. Makes sense in Tulsa for the Summer. I wish I felt like taking a chance on getting a good haircut, but I don't. A bad cut makes curly hair look like a tumble weed, and not in a good way! So I decided to try the new Goody brand hair implements, advertised as the answer to keeping your hair up without damaging it. At $6 each, they seemed costly for what they were. But they absolutely work with my hair. No pain or hair breakage.

When my husband looks for someone new to cut his hair, he concentrates on finding someone he likes and they would have to be really bad before he would change.

And for those of you interested in one of the main themes of my life in Tulsa and how totally it differs from the West Coast life I had before, you will be pleased to know that the 40th Annual National Taxidermists Convention, Competition, and Trade Show is this weekend in Sioux Falls, SD.


  1. I am certain that the middle west is VERY different. I lived in Montana for a number of years and even though I had grown up in KC, returning was a cultural shock.

    I have to try some of those spin pins.

  2. Those spin pins look very cool, Beryl. It's taken me years to find a good curly-hair stylist and I am holding on to her for dear life.

    Come on over to Visible Monday, if you can. : >