Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Longest Bridge in the US

It's probably hard to imagine that being driven across the longest bridge in the US would be a good, much less great birthday present for anyone, but that is exactly what I wanted and got yesterday. I have always loved driving across bridges. I should never be allowed to visit Vancouver, BC alone, since I will drive across the Lion's Gate Bridge, turn around, drive back across it, lather, rinse, and repeat until it's time to go home. But back to the Present - the longest bridge in the United States spans Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana and is 24 miles long, and my husband drove across it for me without even the slightest grump. And then we went to Long Beach, Louisiana and ate at DarWell's from the Diner's, Drive-Ins, and Dives TV show from the Food Network. Good Times!


  1. I think that would scare me! Bridges make me nervous, though I'm usually OK if I focus on the scenery and don't think about earthquakes or collapses or accidents causing me to go through the guardrail. (Not surprisingly, I prefer my bridges short! But I did enjoy the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, which is pretty long, because of the scenery. Go figure.)

    I think I would have enjoyed the post-bridge meal, though.

  2. What did you have to eat? Sounds delicious.

    I have never traveled across this particular bridge...and my children, now grown, still hold their breath when they cross bridges. I realize that would not be possible if it was 24 miles long.

  3. I have tried for days to remember what DarWell's called my dinner - something like Angel Hair Pasta Yum Yum. It was one of the specials and that was the lunch portion. I don't know who could finish the dinner size. It was probably 20 fresh shrimp and an equal amount of crab.