Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Water Aerobics and Farm Stands

In the past two days, I've found two of the things I knew would make Tulsa better for me - Water Aerobics Classes and a (Card Making) Stamp Club. And as if it couldn't get any better, when I was leaving my first Water Aerobic class at the Owasso YMCA, there were 3 really good Farm Stands in the parking lot. (As a side note, I hadn't considered looking for Water Aerobics at the YMCA, since I grew up being told that the pool at the YMCA didn't require bathing suits, which was why it was male only.) I got Okra, Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, Onions, Japanese and Greek Eggplant, and Green Bell Peppers. (I think I'll suff the peppers.) Did they have peaches? Well, yes they did. Were they expensive? Even bought in a parking lot, they were still $1 each, something about the excessive heat (106) being bad for the crop. Did I buy any? Might have. Were they worth $1 - no, these were $5 peaches - I (hypothetically) have never had a better peach(es). Will there be one for my husband when he comes home? Not really. It's the Peach Cobbler Fiasco, all over again. My sister Claire has requested that I put the Peach Cobbler story on my blog. I love my sisters and will do just about anything they ask, so - My girlfriend Judy is the best baker in the State of Washington. Her Peach Cobbler is one of her best recipes. But she goes the extra mile, and doesn't bother to make it unless the peaches are perfect, although, as good as her recipe is, canned peaches would make a heavenly dish. About 6 months after John and I were married, he had a poker night and I went and had dinner at Judy's. She lived about 20 minutes away and made a great dinner followed by her amazing Peach Cobbler. All good. Until, one week later, Judy sees John and asks him to his surprise, how he liked the Peach Cobbler she sent home for him. It seems that he didn't realize that the new 9 x 13 glass pan was not actually new, but had been licked clean by his wife on the 20 minute ride home. After she had devoured the entire contents. And I have never felt sorry, just caught.


  1. I'm ROLLING. And now I pause and LAUGH SOME MORE.

    Oh, my. John is ever without peaches. We'll have to do something about that.

    And in the meantime, I want to know the address of this parking lot! The next time we're in Tulsa, I'm hitting this stand of amazing produce. Lucky, lucky, lucky you.

  2. I love this I am a sucker for peach cobbler and I know a perfect peach when i taste one myself. I would reason that my husband just doesn't care much for sweets. :)

  3. Oh my goodness....I love peach cobbler! My grandma used to have an easy cobbler recipe. A stick of butter melted in a pan. Then mix together a cup of sugar, a cup of flour and a cup of milk. Pour it into the melted butter pan and then dump the fruit right in the middle and don't stir. Bake in 350 oven and YUM! So easy!!! ~Serene

  4. Serena, Your Grandmother's Peach Cobbler is in my oven baking even as I type this. (Two batches, of course.) John just might get some.

    Catherine, The farm stand is in the parking lot of the Owasso YMCA at Hgy 169 and 86th - just a bit North of Tulsa. They are only there on Wednesday and Saturday. Couldn't locate them today, so got store bought peaches to try Serena's Grandmother's recipe.

    Terri, I owe you the story of the airplane landing on my Grandparent's house, but should do that in person, sometime. Will add another never to be in print story (while my mother is still alive) about how much money the Con Man lost when he married my mother, if you are ever in Tulsa. Or I in Kansas(?).

  5. Between the time I started typing the last comment and when I posted it, my house developed the most amazing aroma. I don't even care how it tastes, just the smell alone is worth making it. And to think, I almost put off making the Cobbler until it cooled down outside.