Monday, July 25, 2011

IMF Chief Christine Lagarde Look-Alike For My Mother

Boisseranc family members are the only ones who will appreciate this picture of Christine Lagarde, who is the spitting image of my mother at 50. (And looks amazing like my brother Frank today.)


  1. Well, I appreciate pictures of Lagarde any time. I wrote a post about her back in March before she became head of the IMF. She is very stylish and it always amuses me that she towers over so many world leaders.

  2. My mother is no longer slim, but she is a tall, French woman and used to look just like her. This was the only picture I could find that was in public domain, but there are wonderful, stylish pictures of Legarde that clearly show her finishing school training in proper posing for the camera whether standing or seated.
    PS: Have you ever noticed how short so many world leaders actually are?