Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Claremore, Oklahoma

I decided to take a right turn off our street and follow it until it ended. Eventually I came upon Claremore, a fairly decent sized town on old Route 66, with a nice scrapbook store and Goodwill, but no Chick-fil-A. The Goodwill was one of those where the Target stuff was just as expensive as buying it new (marked down) in Target, but Ferragamo shoes were $3. Coming back, I took a different route, Route 20, to be exact and drove past Foster's Farms stand. They had this big size promising fresh Okra - and I couldn't turn around fast enough. The Okra was very good, but the Potatoes were fabulous, also amazing - the Tomato, Corn, and Cucumber - all local and organic. Happy Days! (That's a picture of an Origami Camel folded out of a dollar bill as a tip by Zach. He can fold anything!)

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