Monday, July 4, 2011

Visible Monday

Got back to Tulsa last night and didn't have much inspiration, so I put on a totally Chico's outfit that I rarely wear. I had to have it because of the beaded belt. Growing up in Southern California, my friends would all get those beaded belts as souvenirs when they or their grandparents went to New Mexico or Arizona on vacation. This grown-up version is also in a beautiful color combination of lime, turquoise, and royal, with earrings that coordinate perfectly.


  1. Gorgeous color on you, and great accent with the belt.

    Thanks for participating in Visible Monday, and please come back!

  2. I had a friend that would come back from Mexico with a tooled leather purse or turquoise jewelry when I was a kid so I love your belt! Debbie

  3. I love beaded belts, too. (Note to self: get one!) Love the vibrancy of that color on you. Looking great!

  4. Hi!
    The blue is a great color on you and I love those beaded belts.
    If you would, please contact me as I have been paired with you for the accessory swap. I would like to email you about what you like so I can better pick something to send to you.
    My email is available on my blog.
    I am excited to do a swap and style the accessory.