Thursday, July 21, 2011

When Did My Blog Become Dominated By Peaches and Taxidermy?

After the Peach Cobbler story, Serena sent me her Grandmother's easy recipe - Melt one cube of butter in the pan, mix one cup each of sugar, flour, and milk and add to the pan, top with three cups fruit and cook at 350. Oh, wow!! It's easy enough that when you slip up and eat an obscene amount of the first batch, you can just whip up another. I know myself pretty well and chose to just make two at once - one with white flour and the other with whole wheat. Reasoning that the whole wheat would be healthier, it's the one I started eating. Elapsed time: 1 hour!


  1. LOL Oh my goodness! I'm so glad you tried it! Now I'm a true fashion blogger, I've posted a recipe! :) I'll be right've got the cobbler, I'll bring the coffee! ~Serene

  2. This does sound amazingly simple and I've just come home from the grocery with fresh peaches. Which do you prefer the white or whole wheat flower.

  3. Serene - That was pretty simple, how could I resist? I wish you were here to share it with.
    Terri - I liked both, but I waited for my husband to have any of the white flour version, so I didn't know until just now. When he got home, he was presented with an entire untouched pan of Peach Cobbler. Pretty important, since I had emailed him to bring home some ice cream to go on it. Funny bit is, he didn't bring home any ice cream - he's been married to me for a long, long time.
    PS:I used King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour - it really is better.