Monday, July 18, 2011

Coleman Inflatable Bed - Not Just For Camping

We have a huge spare room and even with my craft stuff, there is still room for a queen size bed. Perhaps to leave me enough room to eventually take up Taxidermy, my husband refuses to put a bed in it. Or so I thought. What is really happening is that my husband has become fixated on having an inflatable bed. He had his chance when my sister and her husband showed up this weekend. He ran out to Target and purchased the Double High Queen Size. And inflated it in the spare room. Where we slept on it, since he was just too excited about his new toy to share. It was really comfortable. Oh, and we went to Billy Ray's Barbeque on Old Route 66, since the theme of my sister's vacation was driving as much of the old mother road as possible.

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  1. Aren't husbands like little boys when it comes to new gadgets like this?