Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Computer Woes

My battery on my netbook is dead. And unlike my HP computer service plan, where this kind of problem is assigned high priority and a new battery shows up the next day, my netbook is a Samsung with a Geek Squad/Best Buy Black Tie insurance plan. This means that you go into the store, wait almost a week for the wrong battery to get shipped to you, take it back to a store, and get told to call a number because they aren't going to help you. But they do want to make sure that you know that they will want their wrong battery back. In the mean time, every time the cord is even slightly jostled, my netbook turns completely off and I lose everything I have been working. This is why I spent half an hour in the business center of my apartment complex. And sort of met one of my neighbors. He was late 40's - early 50's agewise and was at the computer next to me with his wife at his side. They were trying to pay for something, I think, but I was very carefully not eavesdropping. When it became obvious that he couldn't figure out how to get the computer to do what he wanted, I was pretty sure it involved the printer. In less than a dozen words, I informed him that if he was trying to get something printed, he might have to use an alternate method. (Control/P) He very clearly told me that he wasn't trying to print anything. Would anyone be surprised to learn that the next thing he said to his wife was that he was getting pretty upset that he just couldn't get this receipt printed? And then he left his credit card sitting on the keyboard. Some men give men a bad name.
Since I've done nothing but whine today, I must say that the weather has been absolutely perfect this week, my water aerobics classes have been great, and the TV viewing has been better than ever. My husband will let anyone help him with his computer, male or female alike. And I have survived 10 months of Tulsa living and look forward to more.

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  1. Yeah to the 10 months!

    Meanwhile, Booooo to Best Buy. Seriously--their policy blows. :)