Sunday, November 27, 2011

Does Moscow, Idaho Even Have A Ballet Company?

In Seattle, I used to take my kids to see the Nutcracker Ballet every Christmas. It was fabulous. World class! Maurice Sendak sets and amazing dancers. Luckily, Patricia Barker wanted to live in the Northwest, so I was able to see her dance many times. A truly magical start to my Christmas - so magical that from the time she was 5, (the first time I took her), Amanda never uttered a peep during the program. Zach was just as well behaved, but not quite as enraptured as Amanda and I. Nick lost interest quickly, so he got to stay home with John, who never went. So, when I saw that the Moscow Ballet was coming to Tulsa to do the Nutcracker and promised world class ballet, I checked into it. Around $60 per ticket and no kids to go with, so it wasn't going to happen. I was slightly disappointed - until I read the review after the performance. I'll just give you one point which the reviewer made and that sums up his whole point - he thought he was going to see a ballet company from Moscow, Russia, not Moscow, Idaho. Evidently he was confused.


  1. LOL!

    But really? $60? You can see the ballet in Paris for less than that. I know because I'm looking at tickets. (nudge, nudge)

    I'm so happy your son will be visiting Paris with you and your daughter. That's going to be a fabulous vacation, Beryl!


  2. Ballet in Paris? I'm in - which one are you thinking of seeing?

  3. Hmm, well, the ballet companies in Moscow are pretty famous !!!

  4. I looked at the program again. I was thinking of Cinderella--but that's in December. In January, the only one for early January is the Denmark ballet company. Here's the link:

    As an event with others for fun, I would go to this easy! It's the experience in the Ganier that matters! I should warn you: I do the cheaper seats (for the reason just given). See if your children want to go, because with so few days, this might not be the best spectacle (last word said with French accent, mind you).

  5. Looks like Sunday the 8th is all that's available - I am a "cheap seats" fan when it comes to ballets. Amanda would love it and Nick can just find something else to do.