Sunday, November 6, 2011

One Down, Three To Go, Or What To Do To Prepare For "The Big One"

Last night could have been "The Big One"! That's right, my world could have ended and I would have left uneaten Halloween Mini Snickers in my freezer. Not OK. I took most of today to remedy this situation. I thawed out two of the Almond Snickers and ate them as soon as they defrosted. So, 100% of those calories were utilized. Since I still had a lot of candy left, I had to try alternate methods to keep calorie utilization percentage lower. First, I tried to eat the Snicker Peanut Butter Crunch ones while still frozen. (All 5 of them.) Since a calorie is a unit of heat, basically, I figured that my body would have to come up with some way to warm these little beauties to body temp, and therefore, the true calorie utilization percentage would have to be below 100% - and I would hope way below 100%, maybe at about 5%. For the last few plain ones, I tried to peel all the chocolate off the sides, since at this point, I was getting a little sick of all that milk chocolate. (Normally I eat Chocolate with a minimum of 85% Cocoa and 5 or less grams of sugar.) Not sure what this did to the calorie count, but at least I finished the bag with slightly fewer. Oh, did I mention that this is just the first of four bags?


  1. Thanks, Anne! I'm glad you appreciate the scientific approach.