Sunday, November 13, 2011

What Would Leonardo da Vinci Do?

I almost left the store without eggs yesterday. It was just too hard to choose. I know for sure that I want cage free eggs. Let those chickens roam around and I'll be happy to eat the eggs. Don't think I care about the assurance that they are fed an organic diet; too much pesticide and the shells aren't thick enough to ship anyway. Do I want the diet to be all vegetarian? Well, I don't care if they eat the occasional worm in fine cartoonorial fashion. But, please, no cannibalization in my chicken's kingdom. And I refuse to pay more for brown shells. In my mother's day, she only had to choose the size of egg. If she wanted brown eggs, she went to a farm stand or dairy.
Which leads me to my point, (and I do have one) - I remember reading that Leonardo da Vinci didn't plan on stopping until he knew everything and that he came quite close to having all the knowledge available in his day. Now we can barely learn everything there is to know about choosing a dozen (or 18) eggs.

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