Friday, November 4, 2011

Travel -Not Just For The Rich, When You Live In Tulsa

Even though it was a well thought out decision on her part, going to graduate school instead of taking her job in France wasn't totally satisfactory for Amanda. And some of my favorite blogs are full of plans for winters breaks and summers in Paris. So when she sends me links to inexpensive Paris vacations, I follow them and start dreaming. I actually went as far as to check my frequent flyer accounts and got such a surprise. My trip to the Czech Republic was charged on my cousin's credit card to maximize the mileage award. (She is a Million Mile Flyer on Delta.) And it certainly did maximize it. I got triple miles. That's almost enough for a free trip. One more flight to Southern California and I'll have over 40,000 miles - low season American Airlines to Paris. I'd prefer Air France, but can't argue with free. I would have to be back in Southern California by January 15th, when John has a business trip to Hawaii that I am included in. So should we go to France? One of the reasons I constantly give for living in Tulsa is that it is so much cheaper than Seattle that I can travel any time I please. But this would be pretty indulgent, without even including the trip to Ireland that John and I are planning for April. I feel like a millionaire just having these choices.


  1. Come to Paris when I'm there!!!!!!! xo

    But before that . . . want to see the Holiday set up at the Philbrook together? November 19?

  2. I think that, when it comes to travel, nothing is too extravagant if you can (more or less) afford it. These are golden opportunities to experience something truly special! Take advantage when you can!

  3. Philbrook on the 19th - I'm in! The Speed museum exhibit is amazing.
    Thanks for the encouragement, Anne!
    Now if I can just book an aisle seat.