Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Tulsa Sherlock Holmes Society Has Such Interesting Members!

Not everyone agrees with me about the waste of time (I think) it is remaking old movies. Tonight at the Sherlock Holmes Society meeting, one of the gentlemen mentioned that he would love to see Barbarella remade. Good grief! So I told him I would only agree to the concept if Jane Fonda was cast in her original role. And he agreed with me - after I pointed out that the concept of the movie works even better as the meanderings of a nearly senile woman. And that Jane Fonda might just look better naked today than she did in the original - many, many years and exercise classes ago.


  1. Hi,

    Is there a Sherlock Holmes society in the Tri-state area. I would love to visit one.


  2. Hi Buddy - There are groups all over the US, actually the world. But I don't really know what the Tri-state area is, so I can't point you to anything specific. The group here in Tulsa is wonderful, (currently we're studying the "Nitwits" of the Canon), as are the Portland, Oregon and Seattle ones. You would probably enjoy the meeting of any of these groups. Give me an idea of your area and I'll get you more information.