Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Did You Know That Crickets (The Insect, Not The Sport) Have A Season?

Well, I didn't. It seems that as soon as I got used to my garage sounding like the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride at Disneyland and having the little varmints jumping around in the showers at the Y, their season has ended. My garage is silent, their little bodies littering the concrete floor. I am going to have to go out and get a proper garage broom to clean them up. I had given it up as a hopeless task, not realizing that they weren't a year round pest. Actually, pest is too strong a word, one that should be reserved for my most disliked of all insects, the Earwig. I'm actually missing all the crickets.
And on that annoying Halloween candy subject, my husband is in Chicago for a few days on business, and since I was on my own, I had them for dinner. Well, it was that or left-over stuffed peppers. Not a fair choice, since I make my peppers with no fat ground turkey and high fibre brown rice. If my other option was a Smashburger, I would have resisted. Smashburgers are one of the best burgers in Tulsa. However, if you want the world's best burger, you need to go to Seattle to the Lunchbox Laboratory on one of the days when they make their Fillet Mignon Burger.

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